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Personality Development

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How to Improve your Communication Skills


Aptech brings to you an eCourse on 'How to Improve your Communication'. Good communication is an essential tool in achieving productivity and maintaining strong relationships whether personal or professional. In this course, the instructor will explain to you why is communication important and what are the Do’s and Don’t’s for effective communication. This course will also explain to various types/ mediums of communication. Explain to you an important aspect of communication in one’s professional life i.e. Email communication. Inputs on how to improve Grammar is also covered in this video by the instructor. 

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Essentials of Personal Branding for Young Professionals


Aptech brings to you an eCourse on 'Essentials of Personal Branding for Young Professionals'. This eCourse will help you understand what personal branding is and how important it is for every young professional. Personal branding is not about creating your brand but managing it. Personal branding is very important in order to open professional opportunities.